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Adult Education Refresher Course:



The Refresher Course is once again being provided through the Safe & Sacred Environment Training Program.  All volunteers, employees, religious and clergy should complete the annual refresher course by following the instructions below.


Pre-Requisite: Diocesan Initial Child Protection Policy Training


  • The program is designed to be respectful of the topic and your time.  It should only take about 45-60 minutes to complete.

  • The site is accessible anytime and on almost all computers and Internet connections.

  • If you have any questions or problems there is a button at the top right corner of almost every screen where there is a "live" person waiting to answer your questions.

  • You may also contact Technical Support by calling toll-free: 888-804-9643


To access the website, go to:


Returning Users: Access your profile from last year and proceed to step 2.  Did you forget your username and password?  No Problem!  There are three ways you can get your information:

  • Call Technical Support toll-free 888-804-9643 or

  • Click on the "Yes, help me with my password" button and enter the email address used when you registered, or

  • Click on the LIVE HELP button in the upper right corner of the website.

IMPORTANT: Please do not create another profile, as this will create duplicate records for you and may result in inaccurate reporting for your training completion requirement.




1.) New to the Safe & Sacred Environment Training Program.  Create a user profile via the right side of the screen on the training website.  Important: Be sure to save your user name and password, so you can return to the website for resources or future training programs.


2) Complete the "Renewal Training" course online at your convenience.


Read the instructions, review the course and complete the rest of the steps:

  • Complete the 10 question quiz

  • Review and Print the Safe Environment Contact Card.

  • Certificate (review the Code of Conduct, click the check box.)


3) Print and hand in your Certificate of Completion to the Location Coordinator at your location.  You may also email your certificate from the site to the email address listed below:


Ashley Hinterscher:


4) Provide Feedback (optional)


Everyone who works with young people and/or vulnerable adults shares the responsibility of creating safe environments.  We are all chared with treating life with respect and dignity given to each of us by our Creator.


Thank you for taking time to complete this important training.










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