Holy Cross History Timeline

The following is a brief timeline of the Catholic Community in the Wendelin, Illinois area from 1830-Present......

1830-1860--Settlers move into community.

1861--St. Ignatius (St. John's) Log Church Built.

1863--St. Ignatius changes name to St. John's in honor of
          St. John the Baptist.

1868--Vote taken to move parish from
          St. John's to present location.

1870--Disatisfied members wanting the church to remain at
          St. John's site build a new St. John's framed Church.

1870--First Burial takes place at Holy Cross Cemetery.

1871--First Holy Cross Chruch built.

1882--First Rectory (Priest House) built.

1883--Father Henry Ader was appointed
          first permanent priest.

1887--Convent (Nun House) built.

1887--First Schoolhouse built.

1887--Diocese of Belleville formed.

1894--1st Wendelin picnic held.

1899--Second Schoolhouse (first two-story school) built.

1902--Name officially changed from St. Wendel to Wendelin.

1909--Second Schoolhouse destoryed by fire.

1910--Third Schoolhouse built.

1931--Current Holy Cross Church built.

1948--Fourth Schoolhouse built (later served as parish hall).

1971--Holy Cross Wendelin school closes.

1971--100 Year Anniversary of Holy Cross Church.

1973--Third Schoolhouse torn down.

1981--Current Rectory (Priest House) built.

1983--Convent (Nun House) demolished.

1993--Renovation of Holy Cross Church.

1996--125 Year Anniversary of Holy Cross Church.

2005--New Parish Hall built.


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