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Holy Cross Church History
Holy Cross History Timeline

The following is a brief timeline of the Catholic Community in the Wendelin, Illinois area from 1830-Present......

1830-1860--Settlers move into the community.

1861--St. Ignatius (St. John's) Log Church Built.

1863--St. Ignatius changes name to St. John's in honor of
         St. John the Baptist.

1870--Vote was taken to move parish from
         St. John's to present location.

1870--Dissatisfied members wanting the church to remain at
         St. John's site build a new St. John's framed Church.

1870--First Burial takes place at Holy Cross Cemetery.

1871--First Holy Cross Chruch built.

1882--First Rectory (Priest House) built.


1883--Father Henry Ader was appointed first permanent priest.

1887--Convent (Nun House) built.

1887--First Schoolhouse built.

1887--Diocese of Belleville formed.

1894--1st Wendelin picnic held.

1899--Second Schoolhouse (first two-story school) built.

1902--Name officially changed from St. Wendel to Wendelin.

1909--Second Schoolhouse destroyed by fire.

1910--Third Schoolhouse built.

1931--Current Holy Cross Church built.

1948--Fourth Schoolhouse built (later served as parish hall).

1971--Holy Cross Wendelin school closes.

1971--100 Year Anniversary of Holy Cross Church.

1973--Third Schoolhouse was torn down.

1981--Current Rectory (Priest House) built.

1983--Convent (Nun House) demolished.

1993--Renovation of Holy Cross Church.

1996--125 Year Anniversary of Holy Cross Church.

2005--New Parish Hall built.


First Holy Cross Church
First Holy Cross Church
First Holy Cross Church
First Holy Cross Altar
Tearing Down 1st Church
Altar in New Church
Altar in New Church
Spring of 1966 Remodel
1979 Altar
1993 Altar
1st Rectory
1st School House
2nd Schoolhouse
3rd Schoolhouse
4th Schoolhouse
Parish Hall
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